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Elin Gregory
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I'm a huge disappointment to my Mum because I never quite got the hang of being what she would consider a proper 'girl'. I've been telling stories all my life and writing them down since I was able to hold a crayon. I also read like a blue-streak. If a book is good enough for me to want to identify with a character it is ALWAYS with a male one. Some people have told me that this is ALL wrong and that as a woman I should write about interesting women doing interesting things. I reckon it takes all sorts.
I have a bit of a book fetish - my shelves groan and that's they way they should be. I live too close to Hay on Wye for my bank manager to be entirely happy with it.
This journal will be mostly bitching about my muse, plus bits that I have managed to write despite spending too much time messing about online. I write the stories I'd like to read. If you'd like to read them too, grand, friend me and I'll friend you back so you can see the locked bits. If not :D no worries.

I blog a bit here at Blogspot and here at Wordpress[it's safe to click on the adult material link, there's nothing startling under it] and I have a website at www.elingregory.com.

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